Hello Everyone! As of January 2020, The Mystic Mustang changed ownership. Now named, High Desert Tattoo and Art Gallery. Operated by friends of Angelina; Evan Eykel and Ian Spencer. Both artists work in unique styles of their own and are willing to work with any project. To see work by them please visit our facebook and instagram pages;   @pirateninjaart   @lucidinceptions


The Mystic Mustang

Founded in June of 2018, The Mystic Mustang is nestled into the idyllic Estes Park Valley in northern Colorado. The shop was created as a semi-private studio in the pursuit of furthering the craft of tattoos and bringing illustration to skin. The Mystic Mustang Tattoo Studio is inspired by the Wild West time period of the United States, combined with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The Mystic Mustang is in the heart of downtown Estes Park, in the shopping center with Casa Grande and Dairy Queen, right across from Bond Park where many art and cultural festivals happen throughout the year. There is a parking lot beside the building, and a parking garage only a short walk away.

Hours and Contact

Winter Hours (Sept-Dec)

Monday-Thursday : Appointment only

Friday-Sunday : 11am-4pm

Summer Hours

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday : 8am-9pm

Please use contact below for booking.

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