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Hourly Rate: $125, Minimum Rate: $100

3 Hour Package: $350, Day Rate: $600

Angelina's artistic style is a unique blend of neo-traditional, new school and illustrative influences. She is particularly inspired by 2-D animation and video game concept-art styles. Generally, it features bold colors and a whimsical flair, though it can err on the more subtle and painterly style as well. Through her art, Angelina enjoys making a new reality, and would like to make that reality unique to every customer. 

Rob's Portfolio

Visiting 28th-29th of June
"Artistically, I would identify myself as a dark surrealist, with heavy emphasis in geometric and occult flavorings. I’m very comfortable working in monochromatic applications, but also enjoy the possibilities that color pieces have to offer. Ad astra…"

Check out his artwork at astralworkshop.com


RD's Portfolio

Visiting 1st-20th of July

Check out his artwork at rddesoto.com

Nature goddess thigh tattoo

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