Angelina's Portfolio

Hourly Rate: $125, Minimum Rate: $100

3 Hour Package: $350, Day Rate: $600

Angelina's artistic style is a unique blend of neo-traditional, new school and illustrative influences. She is particularly inspired by 2-D animation and video game concept-art styles. Generally, it features bold colors and a whimsical flair, though it can err on the more subtle and painterly style as well. Through her art, Angelina enjoys making a new reality, and would like to make that reality unique to every customer. 

Nature goddess thigh tattoo
Watercolor flamingo tattoo
Watercolor Calvin and Hobbes tattoo
Bluebell tattoo
Fox and cigar in bowler hat anthro tattoo
Ferret heart tattoo
Evil white rabbit tattoo from Alice in Wonderland
Stoner charmander pokemon tattoo
Colorado C Wildflowers Design Tattoo
Watercolor Legend of Zelda Hyrule Crest Tattoo
Colorado theme cover up with mountains and columbines tattoo
Nature goddess thigh tattoo
Watercolor sloth half sleeve tattoo
Spooky skeleton autumn bat skull thigh tattoo
Watercolor scenery mountain tattoo beach
Melting ice cream inspired by client's tattoo design
Join or die snake tattoo
Silent hill video game nurse tattoo
Watercolor ship and compass couples tattoo
Watercolor moose angry charging tattoo
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